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"Water People" — a new zone on the Moscow Dive Show 2017!

"Water People" — a new zone on the Moscow Dive Show 2017!

In early February of 2017 in Sokolniki will be held the next exhibition Moscow Dive Show. In addition to underwater Hobbies — scuba diving, spearfishing and freediving will be presented to yachting, kite surfing, surfing, kayaking — all that requires not only water but also wind and currents.

What is the area of "Water people"?

Area: 500-1000 square meters in hall 4.1.


    • Yachting. Training schools (in Russia and abroad), obtaining international rights, rent yachts abroad (with crew and without), unique expeditions and regattas, selling yachts and catamarans abroad, private services.


    • Kiting. Training, tours, gear, instructors.


    • Surfing. Training, tours, gear, instructors.


    • Boating (canoes, kayaks, catamarans, etc.). Training trips to Russia and the world, equipment.


    • Unusual water activity. Jet packs, cannons, water rides, "cheesecake" and "bananas."


  • The floating objects. Piers, platforms and other equipment for the organization's infrastructure.