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International has introduced two new antifouling

International has introduced two new antifouling

The Dutch International, which is one of the world's leading companies in the production of protective coatings for exterior surfaces of marine vessels and yachting, has released two new antifouling coatings: Ultra 300 and 350 Micron.

Toshiba 350 is a high performance antifouling coating category SPC (Self Polishing Copolymer) for the protection of the underwater parts of both professional and Amateur yacht a top speed not exceeding 25 knots, which are operated in areas with fresh and salt water. Properties of continuous purification and sampaleanu allow a significant reduction of the friction of water, while maintaining an optimum release of biocide (including Parking)

Micron antifouling coating 350 is applied in two coats at the rate of 9 m2/l per coat. This cover is suitable for fiberglass, wood and steel. It is not suitable for use on aluminum or galvanized surfaces. The surface of wood and steel must be primed by means of Interprotect or Primocon. When applied to new gelcoat it is necessary to pre-coat means Primocon or antiemeticescoy means Gelshield 200.

Antifouling Micron 350 will ensure the protection of the underwater surfaces of a yacht for two years.

Ultra 300 - antifouling Premium Hard Antifouling. It is specifically designed for high-speed boats that can reach speeds up to 50 knots. This antifouling is suitable for the treatment of underwater surfaces of both commercial ships and speed boats that go to the waters both fresh and salt water. This coating is highly durable and protects surfaces for up to one year.

Coating Ultra 300 can be polished, which will significantly improve the conditions of friction of the underwater part. This will increase the speed of a yacht and the efficiency of fuel utilization.