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Sailing and yachting in China

Sailing and yachting in China

Yachting in China is undergoing rapid development. For example, in November 2018, the company Clipper Ventures, organiser of the legendary British race Clipper Round the World, announced the largest expansion of its business in its 23-year history by opening a new Chinese division to meet the growing needs of the country in sailing.

This new unit, named the China Clipper, aims to become a leader in the development of training courses in sailing throughout China. In addition to running a private yacht schools, Clipper China is building a fleet of the same type of keel boats and the fleet of offshore racing yachts. Designed by British yacht designer Tony Castro, the yacht will be used in the training of sailors and regattas.

Announcing the news on the first "Forum on China Yachting Towns" in Beijing, William Ward OBE, CEO and co-founder of Clipper Ventures, said:

"The interest in sailing in China has never been so high. The last 14 years, China participated in the race the Clipper Race and over the past two years we have signed the participation of two additional local teams. From more than 40 nationalities involved in the race, Clipper Race, the Chinese occupy the third place".

William added: "the Chinese sailing industry is developing in a spectacular way, and we look forward to further cooperation with the Chinese yachting Association (CYA), which will allow us to bring our knowledge of learning offshore sailing in this rapidly growing industry".

This year Clipper China plans to open its first yacht Academy, and the first the same type of yacht will be launched for testing in the spring of 2019.

The establishment of the China Clipper followed by a meeting in early 2018 between Clipper Ventures, a promotional campaign, GREAT Britain, Chinese yachting Association (CYA) and the RYA, during approach and 2017-18 Clipper race in Qingdao, where all parties pledged to help China become a world sailing power in the framework of strengthening ties between China and Britain.

Explaining the growth of interest in sailing in China, Ms. Zhang Xiaodong, President of China Yachting Association (CYA Chinese Sailing Association), commented: "the Clipper Race is the most famous offshore sailing brand in China, and the UK is respected for its long sailing heritage. We are now in an advantageous position and aim to attract the yachting and to educate a new generation of athletes."

"Sailing is growing very rapidly in recent years, local citizens have participated and supported more events related to water sports than ever before. In comparison with the few regattas that were held ten years ago, now in the country annually more than 100 regattas. CYA expects to see more than 400 yacht clubs with more than 150,000 participants-sailors by 2021, which is 150 percent more than now."
Ms. Mengdi Zhang from the Department of public relations and mass media of the China Yachting Association (CYA) told me about what the yachting events took place in China in 2019.

It turns out that last year under the auspices of the CYA passed the championship of China in sailing among families. This is the first event in a series of sailing events held for families this Association, as the country's leadership seeks to promote the development and popularization of mass sailing. Yachting in China is a sport is not just for admiring from the shore or the viewing screen, and first to participate.

Also in 2018, was founded by the Chinese Sailing League. The Foundation of this League for the first time in the history of the country turns sailing into a professional sport, so this is an important event for the world of yachting. Nearly 100 Chinese athletes took part in a successful first competition of the Chinese Sailing League, which took place in two different cities of China: Weifang (Weifang) to Haikou (Haikou). Comparing with traditional races held on the river, the riders of Chinese Sailing League competed at the lake. In Weifang, the crews held competitions in four classes: men's and women's RS: X, women's Laser and women's 470.

Author: Kirill Razumov