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SD96 new Sanlorenzo yacht with design by Patricia Urquiola

SD96 new Sanlorenzo yacht with design by Patricia Urquiola

Sanlorenzo SD96: new yacht design from Patricia Urquiola successfully debuted at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019.

The first work of Patricia Urquiola in the world of yachting began with the creation of the interior for the new entry-level model SD series. Exterior design by Studio Zuccon International Project.

The ability to perceive new trends, while keeping true to its heritage, and the courage to go beyond the usual boundaries, choosing innovative solutions, led Sanlorenzo to launch a new unique partnership. Continuing its longstanding cooperation with the world of art, the Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo, the recognized legislator of a fashion in yachting, has been entrusted with Patricia Urquiola the interior design of the new yacht SD96.

Officially presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2019, SD96 — Junior model of the famous series of semi-displacement yachts SD. Boat length 28 m replaced the SD92 is a highly successful model that the shipyard started to produce in 2007 and has since launched 27 cases. SD96 — a natural evolution of that success and the epitome of style that has always distinguished the yacht is Sanlorenzo.

Respect for historical heritage and the long established look of Sanlorenzo yacht was the main aspect of the exterior design SD series developed by Zuccon International Project. Recent cooperation of the Studio with the Sanlorenzo shipyard has already initiated many significant projects, which are an integral part of tradition and history.

The design goals are achieved without compromise in the field of space, volume and harmonious proportions, and at the same time with deep respect for the established way Sanlorenzo, adding him strength, solidity, and continuing the glorious history of the shipyard.

The layout of the SD96 is based on the concept design Philippe Briand in conjunction with extensive experience and engineering tradition of Sanlorenzo. The contours have been tested in a test basin in the Netherlands that showed excellent speed characteristics for a 28-metre displacement yacht. SD96 can comfortably walk in a wide range of speeds: at a speed of 10 knots provides maximum fuel savings; 15 knots – cruise mode and a top speed of 20 knots, which makes this displacement yacht is truly unique. Great driving performance became possible due to the special hull design with a sharp profile and a vertical stem; thus, such forms do not reduce the internal volume, which is perfectly integrated into the design of the external lines.

In support of his strong ties with the world of art and design, the shipyard was entrusted to Patricia Urquiola designing the interior of the new yacht SD96. As a leader in its segment, Sanlorenzo has already collaborated with such well-known names like Dordoni Architetti, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Piero Lissoni (art Director of the company in 2018), so that the interior design of the yacht managed to bring a new vision and to rethink the concept of space on Board. These qualities are recognized dignity Sanlorenzo, through constant innovation and the search for new stylistic solutions.

"I chose Patricia because we wanted to introduce in the interiors of yachts Sanlorenzo more feminine, that have so far been alien to the world of modern yachting. Today it is the most needed at the global level, female designer, largely due to her talent to combine beauty and comfort. All her projects tend drop of irony, poetic sensitivity and great respect for the hard work of masters". Massimo Perotti, President Sanlorenzo

By implementing his vision of design on Board SD96, Patricia Urquiola designed the interior with the possibility of transformation, paying maximum attention to ensuring that the yacht could constantly adapt to the needs of those who live on it. The characteristic style of the Spanish architect and designer flowing into each other space, where a minimalist approach is combined with a collection of carefully selected materials, suggestive of the sea.