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Yachting is growing on romance

Yachting is growing on romance

At the end of April the yacht clubs of the black sea coast will pull the boat out of the water. Now waiting for warm weather sailors conduct a technical inspection of boats, painting, minor repairs, preparing the moorings.

The main yachting season is from may to October. According to the captain of the port of FSUE "South Sports" Valery Alekseev, the first boats will be launched at the end of April. Just travel through the Black sea for more than 200 yachts that are owned by different yacht clubs and almost as many private boats. Most of the yachts in Sochi – about 80, in Anapa – 70, in Novorossiysk - 50 in Gelendzhik – a total of 30.

The market of services for yachts and yacht clubs in the Krasnodar region only began to take shape. While in region five distributors and dealers rendering services on selection, acquisition, equipping, delivery, design, maintenance and operation of sail and motor yachts. There are two yacht crewing Agency: "EliteYachtCrew" and "Sails of the South Crewing" involved in the selection of professional crews for work on yachts, three Charter companies, shops for the sale of equipment for yachts and boats, shipbuilding materials. In 2002 in Novorossiysk running the company "Promember" engaged in the manufacture, repair, rework, yachts and boats.

Black sea yachts-clubs

In total, the region about ten yacht clubs, most of them are part of the structure of various companies rent yachts, Charter companies and travel agencies. They are in Sochi, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Anapa, Tuapse. "We have yacht clubs called everything: Marina, and children's sailing schools and clubs for private owners, and even ordinary yacht Parking," says General Director of CMP "marine tech service" Valery Strygin. Full yacht club call sports organization that brings together people who are engaged in water, sailing.

The structure of the yacht clubs include the yacht port (Marina), with a capacity of waters from 10-15 to 30 boats of various classes. There is usually a bunkering point; workshops on repair of the boats, boathouses (garages). Often in the complex at the yacht club is the hotel, Parking, cafe. Sometimes restaurant, gym.

Part of the black sea yacht clubs boats, sailing and motor yachts French, American and English manufacturers. The yacht clubs in usually four to ten of their yachts. Modern yachts new models on the black sea coast of the Krasnodar Krai is almost there. Sailors say that in the West, the boat is not more than five years, after which it try to change it, and in the edge of the yacht serve for 15-20 years.

Hey, let's ride!

The rental price of a ship depends on its class: the boat will cost 2 thousand rubles per hour; motor and sailing yachts around 3-4 thousand rubles per hour. For hours driving on the most expensive yachts will have to pay $200-300. High prices explain the fact that the content of yacht owners is also expensive.

Generally yachts take two to three hours, often on week (Saturday to Friday), with two, rarely three weeks. The demand for yacht rental more in July, August, September. Mostly hire customers, providing active recreation on the water. "Sometimes, renting yachts corporate, foreigners sometimes, but most of the traders", - says Valery Alekseev.

Russians prefer to take cruises in the summer along the shores of the Mediterranean, winter in the Caribbean, Thailand, the Cheshire Islands.

Service at C grade

Many yacht clubs are ready to accept local and incoming yachts, long and short stay Parking and to offer related services: refuelling, replenishment of water, food, repairs. Tariffs on yachts approximately the same from Sochi to Anapa and are associated with the size of the vessel, that is, from its length: 1 m is an average of 20 rubles per day. Hence the Parking lot is a medium size yacht would cost the owner of 400 rubles/day. To redeem the Parking lot of the yacht the owner will cost 2.5 million rubles.

Companies also offer boat hire, boat trips, excursions and guided Express tours (from 1 to 12 hours). Main travel routes: to Novorossiysk, Kabardinka, Golubaya Bukhta, Gelendzhik, dzhankhot, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Dzhubga, Novomikhailovskoye, Nebug, Tuapse, Sochi, Shirokaya Balka, Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka, Big Utrish. Additional facilities include: fishing, diving, jetski, paragliding and parachute.

Buy the dreamers

"Buyers of yachts aktiviziruyutsya spring season. Those that buy from out of the blue, says Valery Strygin. - Those who seriously approach this issue, care about buying in the fall. To order the yacht and deliver it, the dealer takes three to four months. Overall, buy yachts rare: if 10 yachts per year leave - this is a great achievement. Buy private, less company. More likely to buy the boats".

Mainly a supplier of yachts are foreign companies. Managers of yacht clubs say that Russia has seven companies producing boats, and eight production sailing and motor yachts. The largest of them "Okhtinskaya Verf" (steel displacement motor yachts), "Morozov Yachts" (the construction of exclusive and conceptual yacht at the shipyard in the Netherlands and Russia), VIZA-yacht (production of sailing and motor yachts, Motorboats, boats).

The world's leading manufacturer of yachts is France (60% of all boats), the industry also developed in Italy, USA, Spain, England, and Finland. Leading brands: yachts Dufour, X-Yachts, Feeling, J-Boats, Grand Soleil, Bayliner, Bella, Aquador, Azimut, Beneteau, Stingray, North River.

The cost of any sailing yacht is the sum of the base cost of the yacht at the shipyard, additional package equipment, training, and launching in the country-the manufacturer of ferrying yachts by sea or truck deliveries, insurance and customs clearance. A small boat six or seven meters, worth 20 thousand euros, ten or twelve meters – 150 thousand Euro, big boats 15-20 meters, from 300 to 2 million euros. Yacht b/a are cheaper the discount depends on the age of the yachts: a year or two discount 15-20% 5 years -30%. For example, used pleasure boat 1984 issue costs 300,000 rubles.

"Buying a yacht people from business, from industry aged 35 and older. Those who are able to work and to dream. Romance in one word. A yacht is freedom, it is moving in the sea part of the country. Yachting gives you a chance. The man is completely steers the situation takes on Board who wants to, chooses any direction. Mostly the customers - residents of Moscow, Petersburg, Odessa, Volga region. From the edge is Novorossiysk. Those who purchase the boats are ready," - said Valery Strygin.

The pros and cons

Sailors complaining that yachting infrastructure in the region is underdeveloped, there is no marine that protects the ship from bad weather. The best of Marina edges are in Sochi, Novorossiysk, Big Utrish.

The owners of yachts and boats are faced with the problem of storage, maintenance and preservation of their vessel. The most affluent inhabitants of the Kuban, as well as Russia in General, prefer to put their vessels into the Parking lot in Turkey, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Tunisia. There and service development and cheaper.

"From yachting on the Black sea prospects. There is an exit to the Mediterranean sea, Turkey, Greece. Safe navigation season on the Black sea lasts almost 9 months, it is possible to walk in winter. The cons are the strict border regime, the turbid sea, uninteresting coast scenery, no Islands. But the problem is still more administrative," - Valery Strygin.

According to the materials: Aigul Trofimova.