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International experience of formation of the yacht structure. The establishment of a system of yachting in Russia

International experience of formation of the yacht structure. The establishment of a system of yachting in Russia

September 22, in the framework of XI International investment forum "Sochi-2012", held a round table on the theme "international experience of formation of the yacht structure. The establishment of a system of yachting in Russia".

The speakers tried to answer many questions. That will serve as an impetus for the exit of the yacht infrastructure in Russia to a qualitatively new level? How the development of marine infrastructure impact on increasing the level and competitiveness of the coastal resorts of the Krasnodar territory? As an international, primarily European experience can be used for the formation of a yachting infrastructure in Russia?

Was opened by the regional lead chief architect of Krasnodar region Yuri Rysin Putin. As moderators were made by the President of the Russian Academy of architecture and construction Sciences Alexander Kudryavtsev, p. and Chairman of the Board of Directors of GVA Sawer Cameron Sawyer.

In his opening remarks Kudryavtsev Alexander introduced the audience with the story of the origin of yachts and yachting infrastructure, told as formed ports yacht Marina in the world and yacht tourism. In Russia, the yacht tourism as a separate tourism destination is still lacking.


  • legislative and visa barriers,
  • contaminated difficulty paratory,
  • the lack of designed sailing itineraries and the necessary navigation support for safe accurate navigation of small vessels
  • there is no infrastructure necessary for reception and service of boats, including Charter companies renting yachts,
  • there is no regulatory base
  • there is no system of promotion and incentives for the development of yachting,
  • not overcome the public attitude to yachting as an elitist sport — the property of a narrow circle.

One of the main disadvantages of water bodies of Russia for development of yachting is their seasonality. In this regard, development on the black sea coast is the main focus and it will give a start to the development of yachting in Russia as a whole. The formation of the structure of the yacht on the black sea coast will bring the yacht from the internal reservoirs of Russia.

Further opening remarks were made by Cameron Sawyer. He paid special attention to the legislative infrastructure that is not less important for the development of yachting, comparing, meeting of foreign yachts abroad and in Russia. "The meeting of foreign yachts in Russia, said Cameron Sawyer, is similar to a meeting of the American aircraft carrier. This must change".

Rysin Yuri told about the perspectives of yachting establishment on the territory of the Azov-black sea coast of Krasnodar region. At the XI International investment forum in pavilion No. 8, was exhibited the model of"the Concept of development of yacht marinas on the black sea coast of Krasnodar territory". Yury Vladimirovich has told that in plans of the regional administration creating on the black sea coast 24 marine. At the moment, prepared a project proposal for the 4 basic Marines and 8 guest. Yachting Marina "Imereti" on 930 yachts are actually built. They carry out work in the port of Sochi to create a Marina at 380 yachts.

But whether we have the Marina village on the water? It is not yet known. There are big problems in the legislation that need to be addressed. In the near future will be created by the development concept not only the black sea coast, but also the Azov and Caspian. So far, we performed only the first results. Then the mathematical modeling of each port location, detailed design of the project. Planned waterworks will be financed with Federal funds, network engineering and design — at the expense of the regional budget, and the service will be funded by private investors.

During the discussion it became clear that on the black sea coast currently registered yacht about 25 and about 60 boats. Registration prices are exorbitant and not everyone can afford it. This situation also needs to be changed.

Grishin Nikolay Alexandrovich, Deputy General Director — chief engineer of JSC AB "GORE PROJECT" talked about the features of yachting and urban development. Unfortunately on the black sea coast has no natural harbors, so the projects offered to realization, OOO AB "GORE PROJECT" will require significant investment.

Russia has some advantages over other countries where there is already a yacht structure. The design of the system of yachting, you can use the best practices in the industry. Grishin Nikolay Alexandrovich in his speech, gave examples of Marin four generations.

The wrong location of the Marina could lead to disastrous consequences. The example was given of the construction of the Sochi seaport, which had stopped along the Bank of the stream sediment that forms the beaches. The result — over the three years was washed away beaches and began catastrophically erosion of the shore.

The next speaker Chentsov Igor Viktorovich, the first Vice-President of the Russian yachting Federation, Member of Council of assistance of the Olympic Committee of Russia, devoted his speech to the development of sailing and yacht tourism in Russia.

According to Chentsova I. V., almost any Marina was built in Russia essentially not on the market because of the huge costs and lack of culture of yachting.

"From prison, a week ago — said he on the conversion of the Imereti port Marina not cost-effective. To date, the cost of 3 billion rubles, will pay off for centuries. A comprehensive approach is needed. It is primarily part of the state, part of the activities of private investors".

Problems in the formation of the yacht structure gradually resolved. Recently, a law was passed that allows water transport under a foreign flag to enter the waters of the Russian Federation. Creates a tourist route in the Big ring (Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan, Krasnodar Krai ). A year is planned TRANS Caspian international regatta, which will be able to attract tourists from around the world. In every Marina should be a sports component, offered about 30% of the yacht infrastructure to pay for children's sports.

Massimo Kiodo, President ASTRAMARINAS (Spain), spoke about the stages of creation of yacht infrastructure: design-build-operate. The experience of ASTRA MARINAS GROUP in Russia.

Massimo Kiodo believes that the future of Marin in Russia will start with boats and so little is happening in the world. He noted the great potential of Krasnodar region and compared the black sea coast with Spain in 50 years. According to him, in Europe 4000 Marin, Spain 320000 yachts and they are not Argonauts, who constantly swim, most of them use the boat as flat on the water. European statistics on the yacht leaves port 6 days per year, the rest of the 361 days it is in port.

"Krasnodar Krai is waiting for the invasion of foreign tourists? It is a utopia. The first Russians will be here," said Massimo Kiodo.

Pletnev Gleb Panfilov, General Director of LLC "Gagra Park Marina" (Abkhazia), introduced the yacht-the route Russia — Abkhazia. To attract attention to the project was organized regatta from the port of Sochi to Abkhazia. Such a regatta is planned to organize every year.

Gorgoza Yuliy Vasilievich, General Director of "Yugmorstrojj-T", spoke about the difficulties they faced when designing the Marina in Abkhazia.

Environmental safety and preservation of the unique nature of the project is at the forefront.

"We have developed a new solution, which fully guarantees the inviolability of pebble beach, said Gorgoza Julius Jaworski. — What is allowed? We provide breakwaters on stilts. Piles actually will not interfere with coastal movement of sediments. The sediment will not notice these piles. If there is a natural slope of 1:8, we declaim a slope of 1:10. After the storms have cleared. This is a fee for the environment."

According to Julia V., the design of Sochi Grand Marina has had to deal with the Russian norms. This guide on technological designing of sea ports, in 1993 and norms for technological designing of seaports, 1997 — they should be changed. He turned to the round table a proposal to create the Russian norms for design of yacht marinas.

Shumeyko Anna, commercial Director of "Marinetek SPB", described the adaptation of international experience and technologies in the Russian conditions. The company "Marinetek" there are more than 20 years and creates objects under the key.

According to Anna Vladimirovny, today in Russia there is a great demand for yachts, but there is no corresponding infrastructure. She drew attention to the need for training professional personnel for maintenance.

Dolotin Anton Yuryevich, head of the AZIMUT BENETTI GROUP, CEO of Royal Yacht Club, said that without the support of the authorities, the investor's nothing to do.

At the end of the round table was the signing of an agreement between the Department of architecture of Krasnodar region and LLC "Gagra Park Marina" (Abkhazia)

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