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For the development of yachting has offered to create a special Agency

For the development of yachting has offered to create a special Agency

In Russia want to create a special Agency that will deal with the development of yachting. This idea supports the all-Russian sailing Federation, told in the organization.

Experts expect that it could be discussed in October at the International forum "sea tourism". And I hope that it at least crudely represent the concept of yachting development in the Russian coastal zones. At the very least, already planned a panel discussion on the prospects of creating a network of floating gas stations, which prevents the imperfect legislation.

And all this not only for entertainment. Sailing is a great and highly profitable business for small companies and individual entrepreneurs, if you put it under the correct sail. And is income to the budget. The yacht can roll only for the rich and the middle class. It all depends on the level of the ship, service and itinerary, you can choose on different purses. And the possibilities for the imagination - the sea. Why not lay in a course for one of the Volgograd travel agencies that offers to sail the route of Stepan Razin on the Volga and the don? The more that large cruise ships on the Volga shallow today will not pass. But you never know in Russia routes!
10 jobs gives a Parking lot for yachts. In the future, boaters can moor in Russia to 15 thousand yachts

Yacht tourism, sailing, kiteboarding in the future can become a favorite pastime of Russians. And not only Russians. Last summer the Ministry of transport has organized the black sea regatta large sailing ships. Sochi and Novorossiysk in those days was visited by over a million people. So it is no accident, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government to submit proposals on creation of favorable conditions for the development of yachting in the coastal zones of the country.

Reverse wind

The problem in mid-summer aggravated the authorities of the Crimea. The Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the Crimean Federal district Oleg Belaventsev informed that this summer the marinas on the Peninsula were empty. About 60 percent of the yachts have gone to Turkey, Montenegro, Greece, and Italy.

The reason is not only sanctions. And hard by the Russian border and customs regulations, high protective tariffs on the import and export of yachts. A ship under a foreign flag may be permitted to enter and Park only in Russia for two months without payment of duty. Every two months the boat needs to sail and to float away again. For each way pay more than 800 euros.

And the owner of any yacht, including sailing boat for children's sports, bought abroad must pay a fee of half the price of the ship is 45 per cent. And we are not talking about motor yachts cost millions of dollars. About sports and sailing yachts for Charter with a length of up to 30 feet high in 70 thousand Euro, on children's sports "basins" of the class "Optimist" over 3 thousands and yachts Olympic classes for 10 thousand, says the Director of public relations all-Russia Federation of sailing Alexey Zhirov. It is therefore better to register and keep yachts sailing abroad.

It is very sad. After all, Russia is the largest water-power in the world. "Big water" includes more than 2 million rivers with a length of 6.5 million kilometres. Of these, more than 200 rivers more than 500 km. And climatic conditions allow to go on boats from late April until November. It's a long season, even in comparison with England and Holland, where a number of boats exceeds the number of the population.

Chess on the water

A yacht in the understanding of many, it is something very expensive. Such confusion creates the illusion of inaccessibility and exclusivity of this hotel. In fact, the yacht is a sailing boat and not always expensive, sometimes built with his own hands, it is a sport, romance, dream, freedom and a thirst to discover something new.

The whole of Russia with millions of rivers and lakes accounts for only 3-5 thousand sailing boats

In sailing there is a large range of prices. There are sailing yachts of different classes and equipment. This summer in Moscow - a boom in yachting. They are offered in one-hour rental for 2 thousand rubles for two. Yacht clubs hold a corporate regatta, regatta weekend, banquets and weddings. It became an independent business that is new organizes holidays for people near the water. Salt sailing is that people come in contact with the elements, their skills require knowledge of hydrodynamics, mathematics, geometry and logic. It's "chess on the water".

What to do with the banks?

Adopted four years ago, the tourism development Strategy until 2020 encouraged the regions to provide a set of measures to develop yacht tourism. He can become a trump card in the development of Russian territories. The development of infrastructure for yachting also provides for the Federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)". It provided 332 billion. Including 96 billion rubles from the Federal budget. The Federal funds planned to build the infrastructure, and private business would build a hotel and Parking, to provide services.

But in four years little has changed. Not adopted important innovations, ascertain market participants. First, sailors are in fact, illegal field, that is, without the right to drive a yacht of the same sample. They can only get on Motorboats, boat, jet ski, water bike. All-Russian sailing Federation adopted its law for boaters, as is done in USA and England. But in Russia, they are illegitimate.

Secondly, there is no approved water routes, which may be routed in the course of sailing yachts with tourists. Such a road map is needed primarily for the development of modern infrastructure. But the problem in the fact that the Bank under Russian law cannot be privately owned. This means that not every business will want to invest in coastal infrastructure.

Thirdly, it is important for the entry of foreign yachts to the ports of the Russian Federation would be able to refuel DUTY FREE. This method is tested by many state leaders in the yacht business.

Fourth, to establish manufacturing and marketing of boats and yachts in Russia need to be revised customs regulations. They detail prescribed in the sailing Federation of Sevastopol, yachting development Association of the Crimea. Briefly the idea is that the payment of the fee for the entrance of the yacht within the territorial waters of Russia goes directly to the budget at a fixed rate. A permit for temporary importation of a vessel does not depend on the nationality of the owner or representative of the owner and is issued once for the entire stay. With the possibility of extension at the port without going abroad.

"Both leads to an increase of revenues, increase in skilled jobs, the development of new technologies and to enhance the positive image of the country", - told "RG" in the Crimean yachting development Association. In this case, boat owners and sailing yachts will begin to put their vessels in Russia. And this is about 10-15 thousand yachts owned by the Russians, to individuals and companies. One yacht Parking provides 10 jobs.

For business expanse and in the other direction: in our country there are no companies for the development of electronics and navigation for yachts, production of masts, rigging and sails. Free Russian producers market the yachting clothes.
Swim at world level

According to the head of the Federal customs service Andrei Belyaninov, custom ready to offer a new simplified procedure. But the main initiatives are remain the Eurasian economic Commission.

Interesting experience of Turkey. 40 years ago the country adopted a state program for the development of yachting. The state began to build marinas, transferring them to private management. Later, the company began to invest in the construction. Now, in Turkey tens of thousands of sailing yachts, liberal rules allow to replenish the budget billions. And now compare. The whole of Russia only 3-5 thousand boats. As soon as the state will be equipped with this market, the investments will become profitable. How to achieve this? Experts suggest to create spetsstruktury with the powers or to grant them self-regulatory organizations interested in the development of the industry.

Always under sail

Not us, and they have such a thing - "people on the boat." It's about those who does not leave his constantly moving shelter yachts. Especially a lot in the US, in France, they say, and Australia.

The meaning of life ended with the business secured, as a rule, not very rich people - the eternal journey yacht sailing on the seas and oceans. It can be called style of life, which brilliantly wrote my favorite American writer John O'hara. His characters spent a month on Board the yacht, lived in winter, cool it in the port, so when a little warmer, to go in attracting the sea.

Having been in Florida and having lived on the French Riviera, I seem to be imbued with the philosophy of the marine Wanderers. They never feel lonely. Next to them was always the sea and boat people. Always tanned without the embarrassing fat, slightly eccentric people with faded in the sun hair, but the glowing eyes.

And I realized that to maintain a happy existence for some needed money. The funny thing is, not to travel, that cost is not too expensive. Winter Parking somewhere in Cannes or in the nearby Monte Carlo was expensive ten races. But why, as they say, no? Especially if lives are made, and old age secured.

Materials: Tatiana Zykov, Nikolai Dolgopolov, Russian newspaper